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One of the most overlooked pieces of sail hardware is the sailmaker’s thimble. Used to create eyes in both wire and rope, these small but integral components are designed to help prevent chafing on the lines or wires in just about any application where a thimble is needed. They’re also used as inserts for rope or wire eyes to prevent thread from slipping through the throat when whipping to a sail corner. Sailrite® has thimbles in various sizes for a range of applications, including for inserting rope eyes, jack lines, drogues, wire and more. There are dozens of uses for round brass thimbles and other styles from this overflowing assortment.

Made of rugged, long-lasting materials like brass and stainless steel, these thimbles are meant to last in demanding marine environments. For high loads, we highly recommend picking up one of our stainless steel thimbles that will perform well in high-stress, high-load applications, such as with a taut foresail luff. We have the two most popular types of stainless steel thimbles, with either connected and unconnected ends. Both styles have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, depending on your unique application.

Our round, brass thimbles are the traditional grommet choice for inserting in a rope eye and can also be used for jack lines. We carry brass thimbles in several sizes to meet your unique needs. Round, brass thimbles are very handy for any sailmaker’s toolkit, especially in applications where you want to make authentic, rope-strapped blocks. Sailmaking stainless steel thimbles also have dozens of uses, but are primarily used to create eyes in both wire and wire rope. Need more sail hardware? Make sure to explore our complete selection here at

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